Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nearly there with the Art Journal!

Week 48 was all about "Wisdom. Are you wise? What words of wisdom can you share? Include a stamped owl". Luckily I do have an owl so I just did a bit of masking, stamped him and coloured him in. Then I sat and thought about my best bits of advice; how I try to live my life.

Week 49 was about traditions. "Do you have any Christmas ones? Use festive colours and stamps". That felt a bit odd using red and green in January! Nice bit of glitter on the holly berries and a few key words to show our traditions.

Last one for this batch is Week 50, just two more to go. This was about "Toys; what did you have and play with? What did you always want? Do you still have any of them? Use vintage image". No stamping in this and I hope the 70's images count as vintage enough! I do still have my Sindy and my Tiny Tears in the loft!

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salamanda said...

Glad you almost done, it is a great sense of achievement when you finish.