Monday, 9 January 2012

JYC 3 and 4 Jan

January 3rd was a chance to journal that one memory of Christmas that hasn't yet been told. We had a very quiet one with little remarkable to mark it out from others! The only different thing I can think of is that we have had a different sort of tree and apart from not smelling, it has been the best one we have ever had in 20+ years!

January 4th and it's list time again. This time a list of things to remember for next Christmas. I looked back in last year's journal and I had remembered to do most of those things this year and by some fluke this yearI was all organised with no major mess-ups! It really has been a most laid back festive season for some reason!

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Linda said...

sounds like you had a lovely peaceful time Tash. See you next Monday!