Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 29 and 30

Day 29 was a chance to document that tale of this Christmas that hasn't yet been told! I think I mentioned that Katy is doing GCSE Photography this year so on the day we did the tree she set up the camera in the corner of the room to get some shots for a multiplicity picture. This, she informs me, is where you edit a picture so you can get lots of things all in it together. So here we all are decorating our tree with two images of Jess, two of Jasper, my arm, Eliza and Ken putting the star on top! Love this image but unfortunately the printer is being a bit rubbish. Still, it's in and done!

Day 30 and a review of 2011 in brief. I trawled my photos of the year to find an event for each month.

Jan-we went to the Ballet in London; Feb-I flew to Edinburgh with Jess to visit a Uni there; March-Katy and her Explorere Scout team won the Overland Hike; April-Jess was 18; May-we went to Norfolk to see my brother in law and sister in law, a very sad picture because she sadly died just a few weeks later; June-Jasper and the Scouts took part in their Annual soap box derby; July-Jasper went on Scout camp for a whole week.....he was shattered when he came home!; Aug-I had my first ever quilting class; Sept- Jess went off to Uni; Oct-we went to THe Big Gig with the Guides; Nov-I found a HUGE clutch of 24 eggs in my garden! and Dec-Katy was 16. Wow what a year we have had, some huge changes and our fair share of tears this year too.

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