Wednesday, 4 January 2012

JYC Days 23 & 24

Really cooking on gas now! I manages to get chunks of pages done before I went back to work and got madly busy again. So Day 23 was meant to be about stockings, their place in your home and their history. However I have covered stockings in previous books and as the candy cane was meant to be my "theme" this Christmas I decided to write about it's origins instead. This was following a conversation with my Dad on New Year's Day who was convinced they were American in origin!

Day 24 was Christmas Eve of course and for once I was all done by 8pm or so. Jess made the mince pies, I iced the cake (which I forgot to take any pics of) and we all wrapped in different rooms of the house! Then we just had to wait for everyone to go to bed!

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Sid said...

Great pages !!