Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year, new stuff!

I am sure that I mentioned that I had been side tracked from my Christmas Journal by knitting. Finally I have finished what I was knitting so here it is! A good friend of mine is unexpectedly expecting a baby at the beginning of June and I asked if she would like me to knit for "it". Now even in this country we don't usually need too many knitted cardigans in June but she did need a blanket. Whilst she was looking at my old patterns I got itchy fingers and found a free knitting pattern on the net for this Apple Tree Blanket.
It was nearly done before Christmas but I didn't quite manage to finish it so I did the last few rows and gave it to her last night. She didn't unwrap it whilst I was there but judging by the text she sent me, I think she liked it!!!
Unfortunately knitting this has reminded me just how much more sociable it is to knit in the lounge with hubby and the children watching TV than it is to sit in my dining room doing papercraft. Maybe my paper crafting activities are going to take a back seat for a while......
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Linda said...

love it!

Sid said...

Fab blanket and I love the tress design !!