Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Birthday Gift.

Don't you just have to hate all those people that are awkward enough to have their birthdays in January? Especially Mums. Mums are hard to buy for at the best of time, but just after Christmas....I always struggle! Well my Mum has her birthday next weekend and came up with a teeny tiny list consisting of a recipe card holder from Waitrose, garden centre vouchers and a paper shredder. Exciting huh? She also came over bringing this scrappy little blue bit of fabric which was filthy and looked about to fall apart. It transpired that it was a duffle type bag I had made her when I was about 9 that she keeps all her manicure bits in!
She was too scared to wash it in case it fell apart and she asked if I could make her a new one! Well as that had lasted 30+ years I reckoned we could go for something a bit posher now! I had a scrap of this gorgeous pale duck egg blue silk (with gold pattern on) and thought it would be ideal.
It all came together quite well. Slight panic when I discovered I had to make buttonholes....then I couldn't find a safety pin small enough to go through them to thread the cord! I improvised with a needle and managed it first time!
I then made a lining from a yellow polycotton which I hand stitched in....

...and here is the final bag. It looks a bit pale and wishy washy but it has more colour IRL.
Well I hope she likes it, and she doesn't spill varnish remover on it! I have got her some peppermint foot lotion and a voucher to have her feet nibbled by fishies to go in it too.
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