Sunday, 16 January 2011

Some lovely gifts!

If only this had been last week, or if only I had waited to do my Gifts journal page until this weekend! This week I received two fantastic gifts, completely out of the blue. The first was from a lady I work with. She and her husband are off on their narrow boat around the country for a year so she is emptying her house, ready to rent it. At school on Friday she came up to me and said she had "a few bits you might be able to make use of". There was some wadding and polystyrene beads (for beanbags) and tons and tons of eyes! There are all sorts and sizes from green cat ones to blue teddy ones and pink ones for a white rabbit! And there are noses too! They have metal washers to go on the back which I think means they can't be used on toys to sell but I know that I will use loads on crafty things and also my children will love them too! So watch out for lots of eye inspired art work!
Then yesterday I had a call from my youngest daughter. She walks a dog for an elderly lady who live near us and the lady likes to spoil her a bit! They had got chatting about sewing and such and she pulled out her button tin. Well I thought I had a lot of buttons....this was a full sized big round biscuit tin full to the brim with all kinds of buttons from 1920's onwards she thinks, as many were her mother-in-laws. Now I LOVE a button tin but I am not good at rummaging...I have a thing about the bits of thread and fabric that are still attached but I did tip them out and there are some beauties in there! Eliza's next job is to de-thread and de-fluff them all for me!
So challenges with buttons and eyes now!
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Sid said...

What a mixture, never knew they did so many different types of 'eyes' !!

Tinkertaylor said...

Looking forward to see what you do with the "eyes". I wonder what she intended doing with them?

Linda said...

wow Tash! Lucky you!