Sunday, 9 January 2011

Art Journal Week 1

The new year has brought a new challenge over at UKStampers. Ages ago I was doing the rolling recipe tags but I got way behind and then "stuff" took over and I did no more. The new weekly challenge is a 6x4 page that will bind together at the end into an Art Journal. I still will do my other one, where I experiment and record random thoughts but this one is smaller and has "ingredients". Let's see if I can stick with it!
So week one and we had to include 3 goals, a handmade background and a photo. As is often the way when I do Art journal stuff I don't start with much idea of what my final piece will be like. This is a great case in point because I wanted my Journal to be portrait! Great start then huh? BG was acrylic paints in pink and lime green scraped across with a piece of thick card and then stamped over with bubble wrap and teal paint. I added my photo on the bottom and just daubed on it with metallic paints, gel pens etc. I promise that my hair is gold irl, not bright straw yellow like it looks here! Rest was just doodles with a variety of black pens and a silver gel pen for highlights. Really need to pinch Jess's white one for next week.
I enjoyed this..I love just seeing things develop as I add to them and even more so when they are just for me so that is the only audience I need to please. I think all of us crafters are guilty of not really ever making much for ourselves, so this will be my self-indulgence!
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Sid said...

Fab journal page, love the detail and doodling !!