Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Art Journal Week 4

Sweets was this weeks challenge. Not a toughie...although I did have to ask Jess to buy some as I needed the wrappers! This time we had to include some childhood sweets, a wrapper and some prices from our memories. Mum always used to give me 10p to spend at the sweet shop on the way to Brownies on a Tuesday. I remember buying a packet of crisps (7p) and 6 Black Jacks or Fruit Salads. Some weeks it would be a quarter of something; sherbert pips, midget gems, kop kops or sweet peanuts. Later on I worked in a paper shop and sold the sweets!
I rubbed pastels over the background just to keep it plain. Then I spent an hour or so painting my favourite sweets, Smarties, Liquorice Allsorts, Jelly Beans (not the modern American ones but the bigger, curved English ones!) and Tootie Frooties.
I then wrapped up some bits of card in Starburst wrappers (now they used to be Opal Fruits!), embossed all the sweeties and stuck them on with silicone glue to make them 3D. Then I just used gel pens to doodle on the page. Oh yes and I nearly forgot the paper bag at the bottom so that it looked like my sweets were all jumping out!
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Rachelxx said...

Love this page! :-) Brings back memories :-) My Dad was an Accountant at Bassets ............ we got yummy bags of sweets fresh from the factory :-) Was gutted when he moved to a wire factory!!

salamanda said...

Love the sweets popping off page

Sid said...

Fab page, love all your colours !! Now where is that sweetshop?