Monday, 17 January 2011

Art Journal, Week 3

And yes I am still keeping up! I was so enthused with this weeks page. We had to have 10 things about schoo, lined paper and ink blots and doodles in the margin. I was never a Head Girl or even anywhere near being Deputy Head Girl so I HAD to make my own badge! Then all my school memories flooded into my head...the hard bit was deciding which ones to use.
I made the BG by spreading ink on card and covering with salt. I promptly covered that with my lined paper on which I had hand-written (with my left hand for the primary school memories). Than I just doodled; I really wanted to put a Chad on but had no room!
As you can see, I was quite naughty at primary school. We really did light fires on a regular basis in the dead tree stumps down the field! Our Dinner Ladies could never be bothered to walk down the field so we pretty much did what we wanted, including squeezing out throught the fence and running up and down the footpath alongside the field! Only once did the fire catch hold and the Fire Brigade came out; we didn't own up!
Ahhh those were the days!
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Sid said...

Fab page and love your badge !!

Linda said...

teehee Tash! Made me laugh reading about your escapades! Your writing with your left hand is good!