Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"Posh" Quilt...

Now for the second instalment of yesterday's industry; the "posh" quilt. Linda had some gorgeous bright fat quarters that she cut up according to a pattern she had called "yellow brick road".

I wasn't involved in this quilt so I didn't quite work out how it all went!! Somehow the strips went into blocks...

..all stitched by Linda on her brand new shiny machine!

Burnice once again was doing stirling work with the iron. She does love to iron!

And another Ta-dah.....for this super bright quilt that we are going to give to the hospice to raffle.

We want to add sashing before we back, quilt and bind it. I think black sashing would look good but we are a bit unsure if that might not be appropriate? Should we go with purple instead?
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Burnice said...

God Don't I look miserable. I really do like ironing - honest! Think you may have the photo exposed wrong too - when did I get that double chin!!!!!!!!!
Great day tho.
I think orange!
Burn x

Linda said...

I'm thinking orange too:) I can vouch for you Burn, you weren't miserable:):) You did a great job with the ironing though.