Sunday, 28 April 2013

Photo a Day

A much better week weatherwise......more springlike pics this week!

21st April; This was the day I took you on a walk and these are some of the lambs! Quite big now but still after a quick drink when they can grab one!

22nd April; Well it MUST be spring now. As I walked across the grass I noticed that all of a sudden there was a rash of daisies! They seem to pop up quickly and just get growing when along come the mowers and chop them all down.

23rd April; The magnolia that was in bud a few days ago opened out fully today as it was gloriously sunny and warm. Such stunning flowers...

24th April; however, today the temperature dropped again and sadly this mist didn't really burn off.

25th April; Another misty morning but I recklessly chose summery shoes and for once I was rewarded with another gloriously warm, sunny day

26th April; Another one of my mammoth driving evenings where I drop Jasper at the Scout site to do site management for the weekend and then I drive 16 miles across country to collect Katy from her orchestra rehearsal. Tonight however I stopped on the Ashdown Forest just as the sun was setting.

27th April; Look! I planted my veg seeds! Not a lot to look at now but in a few weeks this will be radishes, beetroot, turnips, rocket and lettuce.
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