Sunday, 7 April 2013

Catch up time!

Phew! Where has the time gone? I have NO excuses because I have been off work on Easter Hols but still I appear to have achieved NOTHING! I forgot to take a photo on the day before Easter....the first day I have forgotten. In my defense I was shopping in Tunbridge Wells as we had 2 birthdays AND Easter over Easter week. Having been poorly and at work I had to get ALL the shopping done that I forgot the photo.
Well I managed to arrive at Easter Sunday and we had 10 for dinner

I cooked the most delicious lamb shanks with celeriac mash and cabbage followed by cranachie...which is whisky cream, toasted oats, almonds toasted in honey, stewed fruit and fresh raspberries. Basically you just build it yourself, according to what you fancy! Thank you Jamie Oliver!
Well we ate and drank far too much but it was lovely to have everybody here as Jess had to go back to Uni on Monday. She was 20 on the Wednesday so we celebrated her birthday too, before she had to go back.
Lots of writing today but I will catch up with pics tomorrow...maybe. I have to go bra shopping with 2 of the girls first. Tranquillise me now!!!!
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Linda said...

Lovely photo Tash! Your Easter dinner sounds yummy!