Friday, 29 March 2013

Photo a Day

Here we go and another week gone already.

March 22nd; when I got out of the car to go to work, this handsome chap was right by my car. I managed to snap him really quickly before he wandered away!

March 23rd; we have had just the most unbelievable amount of rain recently. Day after day after day of rain. My poor hens are knee deep in the stuff and today it rained....again. Mind you, many are suffering with unseasonal snow so I should be thankful.

March 24th; Sunday dinner and it was lovely to have Jess here for it for once....and Chris (the boyfriend!) came too. Rather a riotous meal as it happened!

March 25th; Ken uncovered my rhubarb and just look how big it is already! I LOVE rhubarb and I love the way it grows; almost prehistoric!

March 26th; Came home from work last night feeling so, so lousy that I had to cancel going to see Linda for her birthday at The Cabin. So today I had to take the day off work with a temperature and non-stop sneezing. I managed about 4 rows of knitting before I was too tired to do any more.

March 27th; I was ok to go back to work (although I flagged by 2pm) and it was our last day of term. I got some Easter pressies from the children which I really was not expecting.

March 28th; rather a manic day and I am still suffering from my cold so I forgot about a pic til the last minute. Luckily my eye fell upon my Lindt bunny that a colleague gave me at work....

March 29th; Bit of a long description to go with this photo. Ages ago Jes was asked to make costumes for the priests for a Passion Play to take place in Tonbridge, Kent. Today was the day of the play and she had been given a part in the crowd so we all got up bright and early to go and watch. The performance took place on the Castle Lawn and despite freezing temperatures and the odd snowflake it was fantastic! I have never been to anything like this, not being particularly religious, but it really was a great production and I was very proud to see the priests looking so great in her costumes! 
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Linda said...

Hope you are feeling better now Tash! Wow at the costumes Jess made for the passion play:)

Burnice said...

Well done that Jess!