Sunday, 3 March 2013

Photo a Day

Off we go again..

Feb 23; I woke to see a light dusting of snow from my bedroom window. It did thaw very quickly however!

Feb 24; my little tiny daffodils are just beginning to open

Feb 25; outside learning at school and we lit a fire to see how wood changed when it was burnt as part of our "Materials" topic. The children loved it!

Feb 26; I handed the camera to the children in my phonics group so that they could take pictures of me as evidence for my HLTA portfolio!

Feb 27; got a bit obsessed with these little chaps and made him tonight.

Feb 28; a very interesting discussion on stereotypes with the children at school..
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Linda said...

Interesting set of photos this week Tash! See you tomorrow:)

Gmama Jane said...

I see that you are a teacher in England? I found your blog via several clicks and I couldn't begin to tell you HOW I got here but glad I did. You see, I am a retired teacher of 30 yrs and I always love to correspond with teachers from all over. I love to see how other teachers "do it" so to speak! I taught mainly special education students and the last 9 yrs of my career I was a Literacy Specialist. Now, I spend my time quilting and sewing much like a forever snow day!! pretty great! I taught long enough so I feel like I earned my down time. I love your quilts and knitting creations. Hope you will come by for a visit at Grandmama's Stories.
Gmama Jane