Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Journal your Christmas

As we are having a snow day here I thought that I might do a bit more of my Christmas Photo Journal.I think you will find that most of the titles are self explanatory! They are super quick to do as I am still managing to keep them very simple.

A shot of the tree from my hall. We never use the front door so I would never view the tree from this angle but I saw a similiar shot on Linda's blog....so I pinched the idea!

Loved the pattern on the ceiling that my star made.

Now this was a new technique to try, where you cover the lens with black card and punch a hole in it. Then you take your photo and all the tree lights end up the shape of the hole you have punched! I had a snowflake shaped hole in mine.

For once Minnie was most obliging and posed beautifully. Might use this as my Christmas card next year.

Another chance to practise bokeh but this time I took a pic of this cute mouse that was a gift from a work colleague.

This beautiful star is made from Dartington crystal and is one of 6 decorations that came from my Mum. I remember as a child, going with Mum to buy these; we chose 2 stars, 2 angels and 2.....well my family call them ducks but I have always thought of them as partridge. Now Mum only has a small tree she has given them to me and they go on every, single year to provide sparkle.

This is a new decoration this year. I couldn't resist the simplicity of it and I bought 4!

Last for this batch; my freezer packed up just before Christmas so we had to eat up lots of frozen fruit. Katy made a "Gooseberry Gloop" pie, using blackcurrants. I don't know the real name for it but the recipe came from my Dad and is topped with marzipan strips. Mmmmmm!
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Linda said...

Great photos tash! Love the snowflake bokeh:)