Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Vintage Sewing Day

A while ago Burnice e-mailed me to ask if I fancied a vintage sewing class courtesy of Groupon. I was up for that as was Linda so on Sunday we went off to Hove to Mazelino Designs. There we met the delightful Maryam who was our teacher. We were to make a 1950s style apron from a pillowcase!

The best thing was that we got to do all the sewing by hand. I found it very relaxing as lovely to just slow down. Here Burn is joining the ends of her frill.

I managed to prick myself and bleed profusely in the first five minutes of sewing! Still I was told by the lady who made my wedding dress that you should shed a drop of blood for everything you sew!

Then we spent a while carefully pleating our frills. This was when we got to enjoy a cuppa and a large selection of cakes.

Burn had chosen some rather slippy, slidey fabric....

...but we did manage to finish. Just need to machine a few bits to strengthen them and neaten the edges of the frill but Linda's looked great.

And I was chuffed with mine too. Burnice wouldn't let me photograph her wearing hers which is why you get to see lots of her sewing!
Maryam does several other classes including dressmaking and beading so why don't you pop over and have a look to see if you fancy some. She was a lovely hostess and teacher and most patient as well as being great fun! Thank you, I had a great day.
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Linda said...

great photos Tash! It was a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon:)

Burnice said...

oooh fabby. wondered why there were loads of me sewing. Wish I had given in now and worn mine!!!! It WAS a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon.
Burnice x

Sid said...

How very frilling !! Really great day by the sounds of it !