Sunday, 24 March 2013

Photo a Day

March 16; I somehow managed to get rid of EVERYBODY in my house for 4 hours so I sat and crocheted. This is my next "use it up" project but I have to confess I did buy some wool to help use it up! I started by making lots of starter circles (on the left) before then adding random second rounds. Very self indulgent!

March 17; I have already told you about my vintage sewing day so that has to be today's photo too.

March 18; I went off to work and during the day Jess came home from Uni! How nice it is to see her DMs on the doormat again. Sadly she has to go back just as we all break up though.

March 19; We finally held our Red Nose Day Event at Guides after postponing it due to snow last week. Not sure how much we raised but on the evening we took £62 and we still have sponsor money to come in. 

March 20; Despite a new drug trial for her allergy to the dogs, Jess still seems to be suffering. Mind you, who ever needed an excuse to snuggle under a wooly blanket?

March 21; Another Parents Evening at school and on another Fast day. So I was extremely ready for my low calorie supper which was a sort of pizza on a tortilla wrap for a base!
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Linda said...

great photos as ever tash! See you tonight:):)