Saturday, 27 April 2013

Come for a walk with me...

I live in a town, a small town but a town none the less. And in that town I live on a housing estate, a big one and yet in moments I am right in the country. Last weekend I took the dogs out and for once I actually appreciated where I live.

So I came out of my back gate and up the alleyway... the top of the alley are the garages so I go down this slip road and

cross the main road that runs through the estate,

down this pathway between the rows of houses. I am heading for those trees in the distance.... I now have turned left and I come to this gateway into the woods.

This path takes me under the trees that are just beginning to bud and soon this will be a thick carpet of bluebells on either side of the path.

At the end of the woods it opens out into a huge field where I pause to look back towards the woodland.

I walk down the field which is full of lambs at the moment. Luckily my dogs just ignore them.

At the bottom of the field I cross this bridge over the river,

I saunter through the wood again and then re-cross the river. Now it is a trickle and full of kingcups,

before finally reaching the path that takes me back up to the estate once more.

Back up through the houses,

over the road and past the garages

and back down the alley to home.
Last Sunday it was a beautiful day so I really took the time to appreciate just how lucky I am to live where I do. It might not be grand, it might not be huge and it might not be the poshest end of town but it's home and I love it!
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Burnice said...

Thanks for the tour Tash. Great pics. Are you sure the dogs were with you!!!!! See yer Monday.

Linda said...

I didn't realise just how close to the countryside you are! Lovely pictures of your walk:)