Monday, 8 April 2013

Photo a Day

Back on track again and off we go with another week.

April 1st; Easter Monday and we had to take Jess back to Uni. She had her 2 weeks off before we broke up for Easter so we only got to spend 3 days with her. It is just over 2 hours down there and so I used the opportunity to crochet some squares for a cushion cover.

April 2nd; I ran out of wool after a very lazy day crocheting and watching Doris Day films that I got for Easter!

April 3rd; Still having grotty, cold, snowy weather which just is so un-spring-like that I want to hibernate. This is my poor garden, covered again with snow.

April 4th; Ken's birthday and for once I managed to make him a birthday cake!

April 5th; Still not really great weather so Eliza decided to make some rice crispie cakes.....she made 60!

April 6th; Katy tripped as she went out the back door and stubbed her big toe. She made SUCH a fuss that Ken decided he ought to bandage it as she MUST have broken it at the very least!!!!

April 7th; My usual Sunday morning routine is to settle down with a cup of coffee to do my online food shop at about 11am. I nearly always use this mug (thank you Linda) and today I got a crispy cake too!
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