Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Yes I KNOW it's late but my laptop had a wobbly and the charger packed in so having done all the photos and carefully saved them I couldn't post them! So now I have a new cable and I am just in time!

We have been having unseasonably hot weather here in the UK so you would not believe just how hard it has been to find clouds! Luckily I suddely saw these as I was driving along, pulled over and quickly snapped them, hence the quality of the pic!

Just a teeny sun flare but this is the one and only tree in my garden, early in the morning, with a very fat little sparrow in it!

I'm thinking this will be an unusual one for "seven".This is a photo of The Seven Sisters, a range of seven peaks on the coast near where I live. These are very special chalk cliffs and I took a special trip to take the picture.....and forgot to use my zoom lens!

This little chap took rather a fancy to Jess's finger so he is my High Angle shot!

Lastly is Low Angle. I lay on the floor for this one and I think the daffodil looks rather like he is singing to the sky!


Ashley Sisk said...

What a beautiful sunrise - I think. Great capture.

Linda said...

Great photos Tash! Love the daffodil singing to the sky:)

Sid said...

Great pics !!

Burnice said...

Fab pics Tash. I'm loving the sunrise.
Burnice xx

Chicken Licken said...

It was the actually the sunset on the way to your house Burn, just before the Lewes tunnel, looking right!!!

Bethany said...

Beautiful photos! I really like the top two.