Friday, 30 March 2012

Gilly's CJ

The next CJ I got was Gilly's Now this is the lady who taught me how to scrapbook and for her CJ she chose the rainbow and included sets of photos for each colour. We had to pick a colour, then some photos and use them on our DLO as well as a butterfly stamp. Oooo I found this difficult; in fact this was the toughest one for me and I'm not all that pleased with it.

Most of the pics were of nature so I chose these sunflowers photos and found a painting of sunflowers on the net.

There was a large picture and a small one of the sunflower so I made this one a feature on the page and the smaller one as an accent on the left page. I used the stamp on the BG, stamping it over a wash of yellow distress inks. As Gilly is a scrapbooker I wanted this LO to be about the photos so I just added a suitable quote and left it at that.

As I said, not my best but I have always said I will show all that I create, good and bad! I did warn her I wasn't pleased with it but sometimes things just don't click do they!
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