Monday, 5 March 2012

Eliza's Quilt top.

Just a few weeks ago I started a quilt using the Moda Dogwood Trail jelly roll. Well due to being rubbish at maths I messed up how much I needed so I had to go and buy another jelly roll to finish it off! That done I did manage to finish it this weekend. Now my next dilemma was "what is generally considered to be the size for a single bed quilt"? I couldn't find it in any of my books so I worked with the fact that a single bed is 3' wide and 6' long and the closest I could get with my 10" blocks was 40"x 70" but it looks a bit skinny to me. This pattern is called Continuous Corner Log Cabin and as it happens there is a kind of central pink medallion as I have put it together so it wouldn't have worked if I had made it 5 blocks wide! I have added a 2" border but I now think I shall add a 4" one just to finish it off!
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Sid said...

Looks good though !!