Thursday, 29 March 2012

Elke's CJ

Elke comes from SOuth Africa and when we started this CJ she knew that she was about to move back there. So her Cj was to be about England. What did we think made England so English?

For me it has to be strawberries so I did a simple DLO.

A few words about why I feel the strawberry IS England;

and a I used this lovely freebie stamp from Craft Stamper for the strawberry. Just coloured with watercolour pencils and embossed to make it 3D.

So now Elke has moved back to SA and I hope she is able to make herself some strawberry jam to remind her of England.
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Sid said...

Very clean page designs here !!

Christine said...

Sooo pretty, and sooo English! Very nice!

I started buying CS too late to get the strawberry stamp. I'm jealous!!!