Thursday, 12 April 2012

My little fur babies!!!!

I have done a bit of making things but one is an altered ATC and I can't show you that until the person I am giving it to has got it! I planned to sew this evening but instead I ended up helping Katy with prep for her photography GCSE! I have been taking lots of photos recently tho...

This is Minnie; she is a "Sprocker" which is a cross between a Springer and Cocker Spaniel although she is more Cocker as her Mum was a true Sprocker. She is going to need a hair cut soon; those white bits of fur grow vertically up in front of her eyes eventually, like tufts! She is very dizzy and excitable but also quick to learn and is now seven.

This is Old Man Max! He is 11 now which is a good age for a Labrador and he is starting to get rather grizzled around his muzzle. He really should be called Tim......nice but dim, bless him! He is very lazy and a right old softy but he can also be dead grumpy. He is a real Daddy's boy and they go out working together in the winter, picking up game and beating and my husband swears he IS clever! Hmmm I have my doubts but I still love him to bits!
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