Thursday, 5 April 2012

My new CJ

And we are off again with another CJ! I DO love a CJ and this one is on UKStampers and is an Art Journal CJ. Not sure how you define an Art Journal but I'm going with the "anything goes" idea!

This is my opening page and as you can see my theme is "Queen and Country". As it is Jubilee year and we are surrounded by all things red, white and blue I felt everyone would have something to say on this theme! I am happy for people to be as "outside the box" as they like; crowns, country music or Queen the rock band would all be fine! My only rule is that I would like people to use at least TWO out of those three colours in their LO. For this page I used a paper napkin left over from the Royal Wedding last year and painted the Queen's profile on it.

This is my LO. More paper napkin but this time I used gesso over it, image transfers of the Queen, embossed  crowns (I discovered embossing goes all bumpy if you do it over an image transfer!) and some journalling.

This is the sign in page; well there had to be bunting somewhere didn't there?

And here is the front cover, all ready to go. You can't see it very well but there is a really cute piece of ribbon with little guardsmen on it tied to the ring! I have posted it off on it's way and I hope to see it's safe return in 9 months or so!


JulieD said...

I have this on my craft desk right now and gorgeous it is too! Am having a think about the next two pages...

Effie said...

Look forward to getting this one!

Linda said...

oooo lovely! Love your embossed crowns:)