Friday, 13 August 2010

The next CJ

This CJ had a rather cute dancing skeleton stamp. Not something I would normally use but this CJ has been nothing other than challenging! Now it is getting rather near the end, many skeleton phrases had already been used; Lazy Bones, Knee bone connected etc, Bone Idol (my personal fave with Jon Bone Jovi!) and Skeleton Crew so the only one I could think of was hiding your skeletons in the closet. I constructed a wardrobe by painting card with acrylic paint and scratching wood grain in it. I stamped a Paper Artsy stamp and cut it to make doors. The knobs were just brads with some embroidery silk and a tiny key added. Then when you open it...! This little chappy will hopefully pop out at you! He is mounted on some black plastic (from some hairbands belonging to Eliza!) and I hope he will at least wobble a bit! I just added a silvery cobweb and a second skeleton peeping round the corner! I did need to practise my white embossing and the effect of the silvery web on some scrap....but I will show what I did with that another day!
So another CJ away and I think there are only a few more to go now!
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Sid said...

Ho ingenious, looks great !!

Sarah said...

very cool :)

I loved Di's Jon Bone Jovi too :)