Monday, 9 August 2010

Creative stuff for a change!

On Friday I went to see Burn in her Craft Cabin (as I think I already mentioned!) Well whilst I was there I HAD to play with some of her toys. Terra is something I keep hearing about so she let me use hers.....and I painted it with pink acrylic paint. Then I rubbed some shimmery stuff (don't remember the name) in silver, plum and a tad of turquoise on it.
Well then I had to have a go with her metal too! I have made these roses from card stock but there were a fair few more bits to do when you make a metal one.
Then it was hometime so I brought the bits home to assemble into a finished piece and added the eyelets and the key and word.
Jess has already nabbed it!

Guess what I am going to buy now.....
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Burnice said...

Ooh it looks brill Tash. The shiny stuff was Viva Precious Metal Paint!!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself. You can have a go at the Ferro next!
Burnice x

Lesley Edmonds said...

This is lovely Tasha! Lucky you having a play at Burn's!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous arty piece Tasha! x