Sunday, 8 August 2010

L Fortnight

Again it was rather a failure of a fortnight! It was the last two weeks of term so just too busy. But Jasper and Eliza leave Primary School so they had their Leavers Service in the Church, where they are all presented with a Bible.

Then the whole year sang a song...I missed this bit; the service had already been well over and hour long so I was just sooooo late that I HAD to go to work.
This was Jasper and Eliza (with their friend Haidee) on their last ever hometime from Primary School. Was I tearful and sad to have my "babies"leaving? Was I 'eck....13 years I have been going back and forward to that school and it has changed dramatically from a school with 68 pupils, all housed in huts, only just having indoor toilets added, to what it was when we left; 90+ pupils and a brand new, completely rebuilt school.After school the whole year group drove to Pevensey Beach for a Leaver's Party and fish and chips. All the children swam (mad things).Not all the Mums went; some of us are closer friends than others and sadly we lost one of our Mums to breast cancer 2 years ago but we thought we ought to have a last photo of those that were there. We have all been a fairly social group over the 7 years since Reception (apart from Julie on the left in the pink jumper whose son only joined this year!)so it will be odd not to see each other each morning as we drop off. Mind you, I haven't done a drop off for 3 years since I started working elsewhere and I will still see those I am closest too.

Our last feeble attempt in L fortnight was to make some lemonade. Jess got zesting...Posted by Picasa

...then we put it through the seive. Very easy, I don't know why I haven't done it before really! Eliza did make some lemon cakes...but we ate them before we took a pic!

Another fortnight done; we did plan to go to the Long Man of Wilmington but just ran out of weekends. Jasper went to Littlehampton to stay with his Grandad too but we took no pics of that either.

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