Friday, 27 August 2010

A Holiday Journal

The other day my friend Gilly came over for a day of crafting. She brought with her the Tim Holtz edge dies and said that I could borrow them for a week or two. So I HAD to make a little book didn't I? I also used the tattered floral die for the cover and all was good until I got to cut the pages. Now maybe I am just fussy but I found it REALLY hard to cut all the pages so the holes on the scallops matched up exactly. And that bothered me so I am not sure if I will bother buying this particular die; although it might be good just for edging one page when scrapbooking....

Anyway I decided to use it as a journal for my holiday in N Yorkshire and duly scribbled and doodled away all the things we did and left a few spaces for pics and tickets. It was also quite nice to sketch a bit....not that I can draw but I like to try now and again!

So a proper scribbly scrawly "diary" in my awful writing but I hope it will be nice to look back on in future years!
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Sid said...

Loving your journal !!