Sunday, 27 September 2009

Day 26

Sadly the last (and the bulk) of my crop of tomato plants seem to be getting blight. The ones I picked earlier in the season have ripened beautifully on the windowsill so today I picked all that remained. Last week I was given LOADS of fresh chillis, some damsons and I scrumped some pears off a tree at school! What to do with all this? Well a few days ago I made High Dumpsie Dearie Jam (pear, apple and damson) and today I made tomato and chilli jam and damson vodka! Mmmmm! Next will be green tomato and chilli chutney.
Now when I go back to school on Tuesday I think there are still more pears on the tree so I think I might help myself to a few more as I have seen a recipe for pear and lemon jam...
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Tinkertaylor said...

Looks delicious yum.