Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 20

Missed a day again...but I do have an excuse...my "baby" twins were 11 today...so last night I was up late wrapping and making cards etc! Last minute as usual!
So on to this page...this was meant to be about you, well me; myself!! Not something I really like to think about but I took a look at me and how I am right now. I happened to be wearing a new jumper (purple) had a new handbag (purple) and was also wearing a brooch made by a friend (purple). So I think purple is my "new" colour! Then I decided to research the phrase "purple patch" and sure enough it means " a patch of excellence". Whilst I would never describe my work as excellence, I am quite chuffed that in my hectic, child-filled typical life-of-a-Mum I am managing to complete this project on time...mostly! So I felt that really fitted. I did add a few more purple things...a flower again creeping through from next door..(why are her flowers soooo much better than mine...and so keen to show off in MY garden???) and some seasonal backberries! My page of purpleness then...
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Tinkertaylor said...

Great page you're definately in a "purple patch". Handbag looks interesting. I'm stll waiting for my"patch" to appear!