Wednesday, 2 September 2009

It's begun...!

As you have no doubt noticed from the side bar I am embarking on another online scrapbooking class. Last Christmas I did Shimelle's "Journal Your Christmas" class and loved the process of the daily prompts and then a daily entry. So I signed up there and then for this one too. Well obviously you can't say what you learnt ON that day so we are working a day behind and my task yesterday was to create the cover. Those of you that know me , know I have been unable to cope with mass destruction of books in the name of Art...apart from the odd definition snipped from a tatty dictionary. Well after seeing Shimelles stitched pages on her book I decided to take the bull by the horns and just do it! I found an illustrated book of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales for £1 in the charity shop and last night I ripped and stitched ALL the pages. So my lesson learnt for Day 1 was "a sewing machine can stitch more than just fabric....."
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Lorraine said...

very nice..looks like a good class...leather needles are quite good for stitching paper

Effie said...

Well done in overcomming your Book phobia.. hope this is the start of many alterings!