Sunday, 20 September 2009

Days 18 & 19

Got a bit behind as I have had a very busy weekend! So here is 18...something that isn't immediately obvious was the brief. Well I feel like a pair of pants...I have everything under control when I get up, all schedules and pick-ups sorted in my head. The OH rings and says his shift has changed, so I stretch a bit to accomodate this alteration. Then a parent's meeting is thrown in, and an extra rehearsal so I stretch a bit more. And so it goes on 'til at the end of the day, AFTER I cook tea, OH turns up with fish and chips! At which point my over stretched elastic completely fails!
Day 19 was about appreciating the simple things. I managed to catch my hens having a sneaky sunbathe! When I first got them and saw them laid out like this, I thought they were ill or dying! Now I know that, just like us, they like to catch a few rays! So here they are in the unexpected warm September sun we are having.
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Effie said...

Had to come see your pants!

Tinkertaylor said...

Love the comparison and you are so right, never thought of myself as a pair of pants! Thanks for making me smile.

Angelnorth said...

Hee hee, love the use of pants here - very original!