Thursday, 1 October 2009

Days 27 and 28...

Hmmm bit late again! Sorry!! Had a really busy few days; school concert on Monday; Guides on Tuesday and tons of soap to wrap last night so this is the first chance I have had to scrap! Not sure I have stuck to the prompts for this one...tho' I think there has been one about "taking a chance". OH was on late lates lSaturday night and wasn't in til the wee small hours so I said I would walk the dogs...generally a blue job in this house! I decided to take my camera and was so pleased in the end as I got the fabby pics of the mist on the field where we go with them every morning.
On Monday I had to take Katy to school to perform in a concert. The school has been establishing a link with a schoool in Uganda. I have to say I went along out of a sense of duty really...but it was the most amazing concert I have been to for a long long time. The children were fantastic and so full of joy and energy that it was quite an emotional event. I am so glad that I went in the end!

Well I am off away on a Guides training weekend in the New Forest no more til next week when I shall post my final 2 pages.
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