Monday, 19 October 2009

Some more Scrapbooking...

Another entry for my 2009 Scrapbook. This one shows my son being invested as a Scout. A few weeks after he was invested he was presented with his Scouting International Friendship Partnership Award along with several other boys.
He and a friend arranged a "bagging" session at the local supermarket, raising over £300 for Kenya Street Scouts. This amount was then presented to a representative from their group so that the Kenyan Troop can buy goats to help support themselves. Definately a "Proud Mummy Moment" this one!
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Tinkertaylor said...

With all the bad press about the the youth of today it's great to see that there are ALOT of young people who are interested in helping others. Well done to your son and I too had a tear in my eye when I read your page you should be proud.

Unknown said...

Fabulous - love the colours!