Thursday, 8 October 2009

The last two days!

Ok so it took me a while to get the last few done but here they are! Day 29 was a very stressful, challenging and difficult day at work; both mentally, physically and emotionally. When I got in I had the overwhelming urge to make jam...from some more pears from school...despite being shattered and too busy to be jam-making really! But I did it and I found that the monotony of the peeling and waiting for the set really calmed me and seeing the jars all lined up lifted my spirits. What a simple being I must be!
Day 30 and what to do for my final page? Well I couldn't chose a photo so I decided to do a page without. I searched t'internet for a quote about learning and found this one...(from a bloke I never heard of and nor had Wikipedia!)...which summed up my month of learning!

So all that remains is to bind my new-found wisdom....and try to keep my blog up to date!
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Lorraine said...

my mum used to make jam..I bet your kitchen smells lovely..nice pretty journal cards