Saturday, 26 September 2009

Day 24 and 25

A rather light-hearted entry for me today! Jess and I were discussing how fit Marc Warren (from Hustle) is. I was of the opinion that I was old enough to be his mother or at least I thought he may be about 30 (in which case I am NOT!!!) and felt a little odd about thinking he was soooo delicious! Today, in the course of our debate, I looked him up on Wikipedia where I found out that he is 42!!! So he is OLDER than me and I can now indulge in guilt-free lusting! Mmmmm!
My OH bought me some lilies tonight......because they were reduced to 75p! Now I am back at work, the twins had their birthday, clubs have started again etc etc, the old housework has taken a bit of a back seat. But when I put the flowers in the dining room it just looked sooooo much better! Well, it will go another week at least!
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Anonymous said...

love your Marc collage! I also adore this man :) thanks for posting!