Saturday, 3 August 2013

Photo a day

July 22nd; Although we have finished Forest School we had decided to have a last Woodland Wonder Day. We had planned to have a fire and toast marshmallows but as the weather has been so dry we felt it was too dangerous. I loved the sunlight on this log which has been our camp for the  sessions.

July 23rd; Well this wasn't scheduled to be a clearing up day but when I arrived at school we had no water on the premises due to a burst pipe in the village. So the school had to close and we were able to get the stripping down done a day early. Left us with a horrible flat feeling though....

July 24th; We have been having just the most glorious weather for a couple of weeks now. I'm no cloud expert but when I was young I had  Ladybird book all about the weather and it talked about clouds that looked like fish scales......well that is definately what we had today!

July 25th; despite us shutting school a day early several children came up to drop off presents yesterday. I was so tired when I got home that I saved opening them until this morning. I had lots of lovely things but I just thought this chocolate was fab!!

July 26th; No rest for the wicked! Today was another Uni Open Day...Leicester this time. We set off not expecting much; but I will tell you all about that another day. We went a completely different train route to any I have ever travelled and it took us over Blackfriars Bridge where I was able to snap this real Lonon view through the train window. That is Tower Bridge in the distance and The Shard on the right....

July 27th; Needed to clean my whole house so I began with the kitchen. Ooooo it takes aaaages doesn't it? I only managed a bit but look at my lovely shiny "cupboard under the sink". It is usually full of all sorts of everything but I threw it all away except the important bits!

July 28th: Chris came over for Sunday dinner. Apparently he wants to learn how to knit so Jess was teaching him. He was very patient and I think he managed 2 rows!

July 29th; Brownie Pack Holiday in Eastbourne. The first day of a mad, Pirate themed holiday with 24 8-10 yr old girls. This was our 10th holiday together with the same adult team made up of three of us, our three (now) adult daughters and the other Brownie Guider. It has become a social event for us all each year too as well as hard work!

July 30th; Yes it is July, during our heatwave!!!! Today's plan was to catch the open top bus to Beachy Head, then to Birling Gap to explore the beach and then to the Sheep Centre topped off with fish and chips on the beach!! Well it lashed it down ALL day so we stopped very briefly here at Beachy Head to admire the view (!) and then to the Sheep Centre. We had our tea back at the hut as we dried off! Can you belive it.....the only wet day for ages and we chose to go out!

July 31st; an evening relaxing once the Brownies were in bed. These are our daughters, Katie (in glasses), Jess and then my Jess on the right! Yes that's right, they have a Katie and a Jess and I have a Jess and  Katy too! Luckily my Katy doesn't go and anyway we always have holiday names. So these guys were (l-r) Smee, Pan and Hook!
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