Monday, 19 August 2013

Photo a Day

Our adventure in America continues....

August 11th; Yes I managed to find a Quilt Show! We had to choose our favourite one; this was a close contender for me, I loved those scrappy spools.

August 12th; Went for a little walk. This is the view of the lake from just below the house.

August 13th; Went off to spend the day exploring in Bend and Sisters. Just look at all these cowboy boots!

August 14th; It has been very smoky here from forest fires in the region. This morning I went out onto the balcony to see if we could see the distant mountains yet...

August 15th; today we went to the Lake of the Woods. It is a fab lake where you can swim and although there were lots of people there it was still very quiet. We were just trying to ease our way in off a floating log......

August 16th; the one thing Katy has wanted to do since we got here is have a today we did!

August 17th; we had another day at home today so after lunch Ken and I went for a stroll around the estate. This is Dad's house from the outside.

August 18th; another day shopping. Just look at this choice of jeans! There are rows and rows and rows of jeans like this to choose from.
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Sid said...

Fab stuff you lucky thing, love that quilt !

Linda said...

Glad you are having a lovely time Tash! Love the quilt:)