Monday, 12 August 2013

Photo a Day

I can't quite believe how long it is since I showed you my Photo a Day! I am now blogging this from the other side of the ocean!!!!

August 1st; The final day of Pack Holiday and we had our little closing ceremony at a nearby park. Luckily the weather was MUCH nicer than a few days ago!

August 2nd; we went out for supper in Lewes and as we walked up to town we saw this rainbow on the hills.

August 3rd; for some reason, when Katy asked hime to, Jasper painted her toenails!! And I don't know why it's sideways

August 4th; our dinner today was a very colouful one with everything, except the salmon, fresh from our garden, courgettes, beans and bright pink potatoes.

August 5th; getting ready for our big trip. Today we picked up the dollars!

August 6th. Jess had decided she wanted to finish a satchel she has been making to take away with us so it was all hands on deck to get it done in time.

August 7th; one of our last jobs was to take the guinea pig off to Jess's boyfriend who is babysitting him whilst we are away. He IS in that hay, honestly!

August 8th; We made it to the USA! We stopped briefly after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge because we were shattered, having been up for about 23 hours by this time!

August 9th; we stopped for fuel at Weed on our way to Klamath Falls, Oregon. This is Mount Shasta, about 4000 feet high I think.

August 10th; having arrived safely at my Dad's house we were lucky enough to be here when the Rodeo was in town! This professional Rodeo is only here once a year and it was a great evening if a little scary! Loved these spectators! Unfortunately the action was too fast and it was too dark to get any decent action shots of the Rodeo itself so this will have to give you a flavour....
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Linda said...

How fun to be blogging from the other side of the world! Great photos as ever Tash, and I hope you are all having a fabulous time:)

Burnice said...

Oooh exciting Tash. Really can't wait to hear all about your trip.
Burnice x