Sunday, 21 July 2013

Photo a Day

16 July; We took the Guides to the swimming pool at the school where I work. It may not be very deep but the girls had it all to themselves and then a BBQ afterwards!

17th July; A really hot day here in the south east.

18th July; I began sewing on all those little houses...going to take me a while I think!

19th July; today we took the children up to the local church for part of their RE. It was a very plain church but it did have these rather nice windows....and it was lovely and cool in there!

20th July; I thought it was a good idea to make a quilt for a gift in a week. What a foolish idea! Today I spent ages trying to get the top finished and here I am adding the sashing. Not my usual colours I know AND triangles.....

21st July; I have been pestering Jess for ages to cover my diary that begins in Sept. FINALLY she did it today and it only took her about an hour! Isn't it cute? And what's more, the cover comes off so I can re-use it next year too!
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