Sunday, 14 July 2013

More photos....

9th July; Ok so this looks a bit revolting but last week at Guides we practised survival skills. As well as building shelters we had a go at collecting water in a couple of different ways. This method involves putting a bag over a branch and as the leaves do their thing, condensation forms in the bag and collects at the bottom. Obviously you would harvest this collected water daily but ours had been there for a week and we think it went a bit yellow because some leaves were actually in the water, starting to decompose.

 10th July; my fruit and veg are really beginning to grow like mad now! I love, love, LOVE  the huge showy flowers on courgettes....look at that amazing centre!

11th July; On Monday I went to Burnice's cabin and she and Linda had bought me all sorts of goodies when they went to Sandown! They had also bought several co-ordinating "stitchy" related fabric to make needle cases which we started on Monday. Tonight I got it all out again to add the binding and "do" the inside. Still not quite finished....

12th July; at last my 5 girlies are laying like good'uns, well all except Miss Berta who was the broody one! I love the way they all look, sitting together in their different colours!

13th July; Rushed to Tunbridge Wells to buy fabric for an end of year present for my class teacher. As you can see it is going to be  a quilt; the first one I have "designed" from scratch. It features a nine patch square alternated with a friendship star. Yes......that IS triangles Burn and Linda!!!!

14th July; today was the Horam Fun Day. The school run a little stand and this year we decided to make a map of the village where the school is. Children (and adults) came and made their own house in felt and then it was added to the map. If their house was off the area covered then they could choose something else to make! My holiday stitch it all on! 
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Burnice said...

Needle case looking good Tash. Nearly finished mine too.
A Star?
Good luck with the sewing........
Burnice x

Linda said...

Wooo! Triangles???? Love the look of the needle case:) The map of the village is looking great!