Thursday, 21 February 2013

Photo a Day

It's been a little while since I bored you with more details of my days so off we go again!

Feb 10th-made lemon cupcakes, each with a dollop of lemon curd inside!

Feb 11th- we were at Burnices cabin and it was Linda's turn to improve her knitting skills! I just love the concentration on their faces.
Feb 12th- is a picture of me working at school so I can't show you because of identifying the children.

Feb 13th- saw these beautiful snowdrops just where I park at school

Feb 14th- a romantic valentines evening of study for me!

Feb 15th- got home to discover that at last, one of my Welsummer hens is finally laying and we will now be getting these beautiful, chocolate coloured eggs!

Feb 16th-Mum asked me to teach her how to crochet. Imagine that...ME who has only been able to do it for a scant 15 months! She can do a bit but like me, she struggles to hold the wool the "proper" way. So I showed her how I do it, like a knitter apparently, but it works for me.
Pop back tomorrow and I will show you my latest finished crochet project....
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