Thursday, 7 February 2013

Journal My Christmas

Bit more of this to show and tell...

Red- saw this gorgeous cake in a shop window in Brighton when we went to the concert so I edited it a bit to accentuate the red flower.

We always have candles at Christmas; these are in my fireplace and I also have them on the table usually.

This house at the top of the estate has always had a beautifully lit tree that I see every evening as I drive home. I would never have multi coloured lights myself but this sight always fills me with delight!

I saw this beautifully frosty, foggy fireld on the way to a friends house for a Christmas craft session. I actually took the picture in colour but it almost looks black and white.

What could be more evocative of Christmas just around the corner than the school Nativity, complete with tinsel-clad angels!

We have two houses just down the road, that always have this amazing, over the top, display of lights. This year I grabbed a tripod and photographed them properly. We call it "The Mad House"

A bowl of baubles I noticed at the door of the church when we were there for the Scouts Carol Service. If you look closely you can see my reflection!
See, still very simple and plain, no frills pages and I am managing to crack on a fair bit with them. Might be a pause now however as I have just embarked on a training course that is going to occupy me rather until April.
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Linda said...

Love it! Some great photos there tash:)