Sunday, 3 February 2013

Photo a day

Bit more of my daily life...

Jan 25; baking ready to take out tomorrow to a crafty day. I got a baking book so I elected to be the first to bake. These Cornish Fairings turned out just like the picture in the book!

Jan 26; the crafty day at Gillys. Gilly is at the head of the table with Charlotte and Deborah either side. Sharon and Helly were there too but they were this end of the table! We all used to scrapbook together but as you see on this day we were mostly knitting/crochet-ing (is that a word?)

Jan 27; having taught myself the pattern I started on  Ripple Wave cushion(sorry I know this is a repeat pic!)

Jan 28; really frosty morning and this is my car windscreen covered in the beautiful patterns! Never managed to get them to show up in  photo before.

Jan 29; an awful, awful day at school and the last thing I wanted to do was go out to Guides in the evening. But I am glad I did because I was presented with my 5 year badge, a complete surprise!

Jan 30; last minute panic to make Mums birthday card

Jan 31; Mums birthday. She wanted a Smash book among other bits. We managed to dash in and see her for about 15 mins before school!

Feb 1; Jasper was off on a night hike as training for the anuual Overland competition that his Scout team came second in last year
There another week flown by! Quite a creative one it would appear.
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