Tuesday, 26 February 2013

More Photo a Day...

Feb 17th; Miss Babs and Miss Berta sitting where THEY think is a good place to lay me eggs!

Feb 18th; Mum and I went up to Somerset House to a Valentino exhibition and this was the "installation" advertising it. Amazing dresses but we weren't allowed to take photos and we decided that the 80s were definately the decade that taste deserted!

Feb 19th; decorated our bedroom and a lovely shot of me cutting in (I believe that is the technical term for doin' t'edges!)

Feb 20th; Ta dah...all finished (and yes I know this is a repeat!)

Feb 21st; went to my Dad's for dinner and he has a snooker table where everyone plays at some time during the evening....this is Jasper.

Feb 22nd; still over-run with eggs and bananas so Eliza baked more banana and chocolate cupcakes.
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