Saturday, 21 April 2012

More art journal!

Yes I know, no journalling for aaaaages and then two at once, bit like buses really! However let me explain... When I scrapbook I have a bit of a thing about DLO's....all my pages are DLOs so they "match" and when I did the left side of my journal I found myself thinking that I should have spread it over a double page. I decided that the umbrella stamp was too small so I just did the one side. When I showed it to the children Jasper responded in his usual manner, with a useless piece of information, which was that rain falls at 7mph.

Ok I thought, a page round this idea would "match" my previous rainy page and so it evolved! I drew the raindrop first then used watercolour crayons around it, added some dictionary definitions of rain related words and some scraps of blue paper. I gessoed over the lot and flicked H2Os over it before writing in watercolour crayon all over it. The words are the lyrics to April Showers from the film "Bambi". I lightly washed over the words and finished it off by writing Jasper's interesting fact in the raindrop! 
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Sam & Poppy said...

Really? I didn't know that!
Fab page :o)
Sam x