Friday, 15 April 2011

My next hobby?

I got my sewing machine back today having had it serviced so of course I had to sew something to check it was ok! So I did another textile panel, this time Winter.

Then I decided I wanted a go at free machine embroidery as I bought Jess some dissolvable fabric and she has been whizzing away on HER machine all day , creating these beautiful lacey designs. Hmmm I thought, that would make some nice leaves to embellish my Autumn panel....I had to borrow her machine as I don't have the correct foot for mine and these were my efforts! Don't think I will have any sort of future in this art! After all the stitching you run them under warm water and the plastic goes just like snot (sorry but it really is!) and then all melts away! They are drying at the moment; I hope they look better tomorrow!


Linda said...

wow tash! They look fab! Looking forward to seeing them irl next time we do sewing with Burn:)

salamanda said...

The winter hanging is lovely. My daughter has used the dissolvable fabric and it does work - keep playing.