Thursday, 14 April 2011

Art Journal , Week 15

I LOVED doing this one, despite having NO idea what to do. Brief this time was "Travel, love it, hate it? Worst journey/best journey, use a map for BG". I can only think of one really awful journey that we have had and that was a caravan holiday to Norfolk so I started with a map of Norfolk. I really wanted to draw so off I went with the car and caravan, not that ours looked like this at all, (although the car was red!)
The rest just evolved, I knew I had to have hidden journalling as there was a lot to write so I came up with a pull out caravan! The story is this; we were all packed ready to leave for our holiday at 8am or so. All we had to do was hitch up and leave but whilst we were reversing the car towards the caravan the tailgate came crashing down, smashing the rear windscreen. We took it in to be fixed and spent the day in the garden as it was an absolutely scorching August day. We collected the car about 3pm and were just about to leave when the man said "so it will all be fine to use tomorrow morning". Hang on, we thought, why not tonight? It was apparently glued in and the air pressure of driving with open windows could risk the whole thing blowing out! Well it was far too hot to even contemplate driving with the windows shut (pre air-con this car was!) Eventually we set off about 5.30 driving very carefully and being very hot! All was fine until we just reached the top of the M11 and had a blow-out on the caravan! The fact it was an odd size etc meant we would have a bit of a wait to be repaired and by now it was gone 7pm. We dutifully unloaded everyone from the car, climbed the embankment and sat in a field, all 6 of us. Eventually my husband had to flag down a police car as no-one arrived and it was now 10.30pm and dark!!! The long and the short of it was we eventually got under way and reached our campsite about half past midnight to be met by the farmer with torches and lights and cups of tea! We set up the caravan, awning and a tent and put 4 sleeping children to bed without a soul on the site knowing we had arrived and finally got to bed about 3am!! Luckily we then had the best holiday ever with fabulous weather throughout!

Best journey? Easy peasy Easyjet planes to Edinburgh, turn up, get on, fly, get off, no hassle!


Sid said...

Great Page !!

salamanda said...

Love the page and the idea for the hidden journalling.